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Level Information:

Storecaff Commission Hunt Description of Achievements, Requirements and Facilities- Rise to the Top and Earn Faster.

Level up- Storecaff knows extra is always better. Good performance is always appreciated so Storecaff appreciates your performance by giving you extra means by promoting you. Who doesn’t like to get promoted? Everywhere promotion comes by expending one’s ability so here is no difference. If you exceed your performance and reach Storecaff affiliation’s requirements, eventually you will get what you wanted. Below we have set our requirements for giving you the promotion.

Requirements and Benefits

Batch Road

Just Sign Up


Sell Commission 12%
Sign Up Referral 0.60$

Silver Batch

Earn 1200$


Sell Commission 15%
Sign Up per Referral 1$

Gold Batch

Earn 2200$


Sell Commission 20%
Sign Up per Referral 1$

Platinum Batch

Earn 5000$


Sell Commission 30%
Sign Up per Referral 1.5$

Diamond Batch

Earn 20000$


Sell Commission 40%
Sign Up per Referral 1.5$

Black Opal Batch

Earn 30000$


Sell Commission 50%
Sign Up per Referral 3$

Note: When someone gets a new batch we will start counting earnings from zero until they get another batch only after getting black opal you don’t need to think about starting over as there is no other batch.  If someone stops working for straight 3 months the batch will decrease one step behind but if you want your position back you need earn one-third of the money that requires in the batch you were in. If stop working for a year they have to start over from the Silver batch. Their past earning won’t count.

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